Back to Nature - Air, Earth and Water. Envir AS handles polluted masses using a modern and environmentally friendly method. Our solutions involve the treatment of waste, soil and water.

Receiving masses

The masses are delivered to the address: Sjøkrigsskoleveien 15, Simonsviken industrial park, 5165 Laksevåg

Opening hours

We are available 24 hours a day, but our regular opening hours are Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 16:00.

This is how we handle the masses

Envirs håndtering av masser

Action Plan

Action plan describing the amount and pollution rate sent before start-up, in order to provide the right price and correct downstream.



We make an appointment before the first receipt.



Weighing notes are reported weekly.


Treatment and reuse

The masses are sorted / processed and offered for reuse.


Final Reporting

We send final report on total amount received per project.